Geocall Plant  allows to organize, optimize and manage maintenance activities to be carried out within production plants.

The solution, to be accessed to from different devices (computer booths, mobile devices, desktops, …) fully integrates with the systems in use (SAP PM, MM and WM) and provides specific features for covering the processes regarding the:

  • Direct reception of warnings from the plants
  • Creation of a list of works to be executed during the planned downtime of machinery
  • Assignment of interventions to technicians or teams based on production shifts
  • Management of plants’ safety before starting the activities aimed at the recovery of the service
  • Consult technical information through Augmented Reality features
  • Reporting of activities and opening of new intervention requests thanks to the operating workflow available

The solution introduces the following innovative elements to the organization of plant maintenance activities:

  • Display of the plant’s layout for the graphic representation of the activities required, highlighting them in terms of type and priority
  • “Autonomous maintenance” for defining a checklist of the controls needed (according to the “5S competitive” guidelines set forth by Lean Enterprise Partners) to create a report aimed at the agile planning of maintenance activities
  • Agile Method applied to the planning of activities: backlog, sprint meeting and sprint review concepts are used for determining the activities to be carried out during the day and reporting those which have not been completed
  • Independent management of the working day for the technician, according to the directions given by the supervisor, the priority of activities and the anomaly warnings received
  • Management of EWO (Emergency Work Orders): templates used for entering the 5Ws related to a given emergency, to better understand its background and rely on dependable statistics concerning possible plant’s failures, for a more realistic scenario of the breakdowns that may occur

The benefits of introducing Geocall Plant in the maintenance processes of a plant are:

  • More efficient communication between systems (ERP, MES, document management system) and the technician
  • Usage of the App, also in offline mode
  • Learning times close to zero thanks to the intuitiveness of the Mobile App
  • Planning and real-time scheduling based on the production shifts and machine downtime
  • Continuous updating of the information in the system
  • Complete control of the activities in real time
  • Sharp reduction of the time needed to collect data
  • Reliance on paper and times for data entry both close to zero