Planning and optimizing transportation and logistics

Geocall is the solution designed by OverIT for companies operating in the field of Transportation and Logistics. It allows to better manage fleets and their activities, from logistics planning of vehicles and loads and their monitoring on map, to the management of customer relations.

  • Loads planning and optimization
  • VRP and TSP-based route planning
  • Dispatching of deliveries and job reporting with mobile devices
  • Shifts planning
  • Geolocalization of vehicles and monitoring of their condition
  • Advanced GIS tools to monitor the transport network
  • CRM to manage customer relations

The main benefits of Geocall are:

  • Reduced costs and increased productivity
  • Enhanced efficiency of resources and activities
  • Optimized transfers and deliveries
  • Real-time monitoring of the progress of works
  • Full compliance with the client’s Service Level Agreements
  • Less time spent on reporting

Geocall is an eco-friendly solution which helps our customers to reduce their environment impact