Solutions for the optimal and integrated management of the network

Geocall supports companies in the Telco field to manage both the Assurance processes, for scheduling the interventions on the network carried out by external contractors and the Network Creation ones, for the vertical and horizontal extension of the network. The available functionalities include:

  • Integration with external systems to receive notifications on breakdowns and delivery requests;
  • Assignment of activities to contractors while complying with contract availabilities and SLAs;
  • The report of the work execution and the diagnosis regarding the correct functioning of the network from the mobile application;
  • Management of the steps for network development, both vertical (indoor) and horizontal (outdoor, underground and aerial);
  • Workflow for arranging the authorization steps required for executing the works;
  • Integration with the network’s asset inventory system.

Geocall is an eco-friendly solution which helps our customers to reduce their environment impact