The optimal support for Field Service in sales, production and technical assistance processes

Our competence in sales, production and technical assistance processes, allows us to provide the best business solutions for all businesses operating in these fields.
Companies rely on OverIT’s solutions to modernize their processes, optimize the activities of their field resources and improve customer service, thereby boosting their productivity.

OverIT’s solutions based on the Geocall suite allow to manage the process of:

  • Commercial activities, sales and order collection
  • Maintenance and technical assistance
  • Planning and logistic optimization of deliveries on the territory
  • Attempted sales
  • Optimization of shifts and activities of the resources
  • Map reporting and geomarketing
  • Agents’ portfolios and commercial territory planning

The main benefits of Geocall are:

  • Reduced costs and increased productivity
  • Optimized transfers of teams and technicians and better saturation of working days thereby improving the efficiency of field activities
  • Improved quality of the operations
  • Full compliance with customer Service Level Agreements
  • Real-time monitoring of the progress of works and their cost
  • Less time spent on reporting

Geocall is an eco-friendly solution which helps our customers to reduce their environment impact