Managing field process of gas, electricity and water providers

OverIT’s solutions for Utilities distribution businesses have been designed in order to optimize field resources, schedule the activities of a high number of technicians, manage the provision of services, track assets, monitor machines, plants and distribution lines throughout the territory.

Geocall covers all processes of a Utility distribution business such as:

  • Management of customer services: new connection, meter reading, meter replacement
  • Management of technical information of the distribution network, also through GIS support on Mobile devices
  • Optimized scheduling of appointments with customers
  • Management of the processes related to warnings of damages and requests for solving emergencies
  • Consultation of technical information through AR, MR and VR
  • On-site billing of consumption through Mobile devices

The main benefits of Geocall are:

  • Optimized transfers of teams and technicians and better saturation of working days thereby improving the efficiency of field activities
  • Reduced costs and increased productivity
  • Improved quality of the operations and services offered
  • Full compliance with the customer’s Service Level Agreements
  • Real-time monitoring of the progress of works
  • Monitoring of the costs of activities
  • Less time spent on reporting

Geocall is an eco-friendly solution which helps our customers to reduce their environment impact